Who are the Christofascists? Even the word sounds like someone’s paranoid conspiracy theory. But it’s not: Christofascists are real, the movement is huge, they’re infiltrating every level of government, and they’re actively trying to take over America to create a Christian fascist state.

 wrote a sobering article, “I was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School…” that should scare all true Americans, whether Catholic, Protestant, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, or any other faith … except radical-right Evangelical Christians, who are actively plotting to overthrow American democracy, amend the Constitution, and impose their version of Christianity on all of us.

This isn’t some fantasy, and it isn’t a recent flash-in-the-pan phenomenon. It’s a decades-long movement that started in the 1970’s and is only now bearing fruit. These people have vision, they have patience, they have minions, and they have money. They’re outbreeding, outvoting, and outperforming every other cultural group in America. And that’s no accident: For fifty years, the Quiverfull movement has convinced young Christian couples to breed, breed, breed. Pastors are instructed to ignore the 501(c)(3) rules and preach politics, very effectively, from the pulpit. Evangelicals are taught that it’s their Christian duty to vote for certain candidates. And they don’t give up.

They’re also successfully brainwashing America with a decades-long campaign to revise and censor the true history of American democracy, replacing our secular history (in schools and in popular culture) with a made-up version claiming America was founded by Christians, for Christians, as a Christian nation.

And perhaps their most insidious success: A whole generation of crypto-Christofascist law-school graduates was educated and trained specifically to take over our government, and now makes up a disproportionate fraction of judges, lawyers, and government officials. The Christofascist movement has worked for decades to get Evangelicals in every level and branch of government: judges, mayors, police chiefs, state legislators, governors, congressmen, senators, and now the Vice President of the United States.

Once the Christofascists have control of the government, they’ll attack our basic American values:

  • Overturn Roe v. Wade, Griswold v. Connecticut, Brown v. Board of Education and Bob Jones v. The United States. These protect our reproductive rights, and guard against discrimination based on race, sex, and sexual orientation.
  • Pass constitutional amendments allowing discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and religion.
  • Pass legislation favoring Christian morals, or even the evangelical version of Christianity itself.
  • Outlaw abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, adultery, birth control … anything the Christofascists think is a sin.

They truly believe that by imposing their version of Christianity on the rest of us, including other Christians, that they’re saving us from a fate worse than death. They’re doing us a favor. There goal is “Jesus + 0”: the rule of Jesus, period.

And Mike Pence, the likely next president of the United States, is their man.

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