The Zarrabian Incident

What happens when the foundation of a soldier’s world is built on lies?

Colonel Ahmad Zarrabian never fails when he’s on a mission. And he’s not going to fail this one either—he has traveled from the rugged mountains and vast deserts of Iran to wreak his vengeance on America’s own soil. This one is personal.

When famed television reporter Christine Garrett is thrown face to face with Zarrabian, she finds herself inside the biggest story of her life instead of reporting it. FBI agent TJ McCaig, who is watching the clock tick toward a quiet retirement, finds himself inexplicably placed in charge of the case.

What seems like a typical terrorist attack quickly deepens into a mystery as the case unravels into layers of deception and treason that could literally tear the nation in two. Who is the hero and who is the terrorist? Zarrabian forces McCaig and Garrett to face the blurry lines between terrorism and war, politics and business, and patriotism and treason.


Amazon reviewers say:

amazon-5-star “A Story Vince Flynn or Robert Ludlum might have written, a terrific debut … a quick page-turner … [This] is going to be picked up by Hollywood very soon. I am rating this as a five star can’t miss hit.”

amazon-5-star “A great reading adventure … tight.”

amazon-5-star “What an adventure! A riviting story! Do yourself a favor and order this book.”

amazon-4-star “Full of twists and turns made in Tom Clancy style.”

Barnes & Noble reviewers say:

barnesandnoble-5-star “Keeps me turning pages … a story that flowed … a great first novel and I hope to read more of C.A. James works.”

GoodReads reviewers say:

goodreads-5-star“Very surprised … a page turner … keeps you guessing and re-guessing from beginning to end!”

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